The Under Water Fancy Dress Parade - Wildwood Lane
Penguin Random House

The Under Water Fancy Dress Parade

$30.00 NZD

This is the story of Alfie and a big octopus wearing a tiny hat and the things you can only whisper to the cowboys on your wallpaper. It's about shyness, anxiety, and realising that sometimes it takes a bit of time to find the courage that we need. For children aged 4+, and everyone who's ever wished they were a little bit braver. Luxe hardback edition.

WINNER 2016 Crichton Award for Best New Australian Illustrator

WINNER 2016 Australian Book Industry Award for Best Picture Book from a Small Publisher

WINNER 2016 Australian Book Design Association for Best Children's Book

‘This gorgeous picture book doesn't whack you over the head with its exploration of social anxiety, but considers a sensitive boy's feelings with empathy and subtlety… The theme is beautifully explored and Allison Colpoys' illustrations perfectly capture his vulnerability.’